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Press Release: RWC-340B and 340B Covered Entity Plaintiffs Ask Secretary of HHS to Immediately Enforce Covered Entities’ Rights Under 340B Statute

Washington, D.C. – On November 23, 2020, Ryan White Clinics for 340B Access (RWC-340B) and five 340B providers filed a motion in the United States

24 Nov 2020

Novartis To Collect Contract Pharmacy Claims Data Through 340B ESP, TPAs and Specialty Pharmacies Express Concern Over Data Submitted

Earlier this week a third drug manufacturer, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, sent letters to 340B covered entities with contract pharmacy arrangements stating that beginning October 1, 2020,

20 Aug 2020

Astra-Zeneca Announces It Will No Longer Offer 340B Discounts at Most Contract Pharmacies

Today, Astra-Zeneca joined other manufacturers in announcing that it would no longer honor all contract pharmacy arrangements. Astra-Zeneca sent letters to 340B covered entities informing

17 Aug 2020

Sanofi Announces 340BESP Participation and Consequences

Following a recent announcement by drug manufacturer Merck, Sanofi recently sent letters to 340B covered entities with contract pharmacy arrangements to request that they participate

28 Jul 2020

Recent Actions by Drug Manufacturers Merck and Eli Lilly Pose a Threat to Safety-Net Provider’s Ability to Access Drugs at 340B Prices

Merck Requests That Covered Entities Submit Contract Pharmacy Claims to 340B ESP

Drug manufacturer Merck recently sent letters to 340B covered entities with contract pharmacy

20 Jul 2020

USCHA Announces Virtual Conference and Free Registration

The US Conference on HIV/AIDS (USCHA) announced that this year’s conference will be held virtually on October 19-21, 2020.  Registration is free for the first

23 Jun 2020

Ryan White Clinics Want More Flexibility to Help Fight COVID-19

Federally funded clinics that serve over half a million people living with HIV/AIDS have asked the Trump administration to waive regulations preventing them from using

12 May 2020

COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Powers drafted the attached template COVID-19 Policies and Procedures that incorporate HRSA/OPA’s relaxed guidance to help 340B covered entities address the coronavirus pandemic.   We hope

16 Apr 2020

HRSA/OPA Guidance in Response to COVID-19 and DEA Waiver on Controlled Substance Prescriptions

HRSA/OPA Guidance in Response to COVID-19

Late yesterday, HRSA/OPA updated its website to include guidance addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.  The guidance states:

Case-by-Case Waivers –

21 Mar 2020

340B and Telehealth/HHS Waivers

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an increased need for the use of telehealth services.  Powers has received several questions from Ryan White clinics about whether

17 Mar 2020