Posts in: April, 2019

HRSA Adopts New RSR Requirements to Include Data on Services Funded by Program Income

HRSA announced changes to the 2019 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services Report (RSR)  to require data on patients whose services are funded through Ryan White

25 Apr 2019

340B Hospitals Provide More Care to Underserved Populations Than Non-340B Providers

A report prepared for 340B Health and published by L&M Policy Research shows that 340B hospitals care for a greater proportion of the underserved and

15 Apr 2019

Sentry Allowed to Continue Antitrust Lawsuit Against CVS and Wellpartner

Last week, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida held that Sentry Data Systems Inc. can proceed in an antitrust lawsuit against

9 Apr 2019

HRSA Launches 340B Ceiling Price Website

On April 1, 2019, HRSA launched its secure pricing component of the 340B OPAIS.  This long overdue website allows safety-net providers access to a database

8 Apr 2019

RWC-340B Fly-in, April 16, 2019

RWC-340B will be scheduling Hill visits for members that are traveling to DC to attend SYNChronicity 2019.  RWC-340B Hill visits will take place Tuesday, April

3 Apr 2019

Guidance on Purchase of Mobile Vans with Program Income

You will probably recall that Powers asked the HRSA HIV/HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB) for guidance recently on whether Ryan White program income may be used to

2 Apr 2019